Lunar Sabbaths – Truth or Fable?

Lunar MoonIt has recently come to our attention that there has been a new craze going around the Christian circle, Lunar Sabbaths. The idea is that the true Sabbath, Friday evening to Saturday Evening, is false and that the Sabbath we should follow is based on a lunar cycle, the cycle of the moon. Unfortunately this theory has confused many sincere Christians and has caused a lot of strife in many lives.

Though we would love to do a whole article on this topic we have found a free resource for you to go to and get the whole insight into this topic, both historical and Biblical. One thing is for sure that this is just another ‘new light’ that people are seeking to follow and one which based on higher Criticism. – Lunar Sabbaths - Lunar Sabbaths

 Revelation 14:12 Promotional video on this topic:

Lunar Sabbaths -Truth or Fable?

Recommended Resources

The History of the Sabbath – J. N. Andrews

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The Sabbath – M. L. Andreasen

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