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Hiphop-Style-Dance-HD-WallpapersOne of the interesting subjects in Scripture is the topic of dance. Most of the arguments in favor of Contemporary Christian Music rely on a few verses that supposedly give permission for Christians to dance during worship. The implication is, if dancing is acceptable, then the styles and genres of music that enable it are. It is significant that the English word “dance,” “dancing,” “dances” is translated from six different Hebrew words. These words have varied meanings and movements and can only be determined by a comprehensive lexical study. Defining these six words as “dance” is tantamount to describing skipping, jumping, spinning, shaking, turning and dancing with one word. An understanding of the lexical, contextual and comparative definitions of these Hebrew words needs to be considered to discern what the verses mean. In this article, we will be focusing on three Hebrew words that have been translated “dance”: chuwl (חול pronounced khool), machowl (מחול- pronounced maw-khole) and machowla (מחלה pronounced mek-o-law).


It is important to notice that machowl and machowla are derivatives of the root churl. Hebrew etymologists Harris, Archer and Waltke churl list as the root word for machowl and machowla. Lexicographers Josiah Gibbs and Samuel Lee have also noted that the root of machowla is chuwl. James Strong has confirmed the connection between these words. In addition, and important to this discussion, chalal (חלל-pronounced khaw-lal) is also related to chuwl. Lexicographers Mitchell and Davies have stated that “Chalal (חלל) is akin to Chuwl (חול)- and some see the root Chalal is really one with Chuwl.” Hebrew scholar W. Osborn stated that “Chuwl [is] the same as . . . Chalal.” This is important because the basic meanings for chuwl and chalal carry over to their derivatives machowl and machowla.

Definitions of Chuwl:

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