Saint Patrick’s Day – What Day is it?

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Sourced From Wikipedia
Sourced From Wikipedia

Saint Patrick’s day is upon us and we are sure that there will be millions celebrating this day in one way or another. But do they know who they are celebrating? More importantly do they know on which day this faithful child of God worshiped? Probably not, and they probably don’t care, as they should, as we are all in the middle of the Great Controversy between God and Satan.

Saint Patrick was a true child of God, his writings showed that he was truly converted, as he humbled himself in the true worship of our Lord and Saviour. So which day is the true Saint Patrick’s day? The following link is an in depth study into the life of Saint Patrick, what he truly believed and on which day he worshiped, Saturday Sabbath or Sunday:

St Patrick Sabbath or Sunday?

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