Sabbath Sermon – Pastor Paul Penno

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Pastor Paul Penno

PPastor Paul Pennoastor Paul Penno Jr., is a pastor of Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church, California, US. You can see him as he preaches the most precious message every Sabbath morning during Sabbath School. His insight in Righteousness by Faith is powerful and effective on the hearts of the listeners.

The below sermon is powerful to say the least. Something happened during the period of 1888, a message of all messages preached by Elder A. T. Jones & Elder E. J. Waggoner, this message was later called the Most Precious Message and the Third Angels Massage in verity. But like Christ in his time, there were controversy around the preachers and their message. Pastor Paul Penno gives a wonderful insight in to the 1888 preachers and their earth shaking messages.

The Law & the Covenants in Galatians – The 1888 Message

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