Christian Writings – Righteousness By Faith

A. T. Jones
Lessons From the Reformation
The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection

Bill Lehmann
Matchless Charms of Christ
Christ Our Righteousness
Christ Our Righteousness Audio Book (256MB, RAR)

Charles Fitch
The Glory of God in the Earth

E. J. Waggoner
The Gospel in Creation
Christ and His Righteousness
The Everlasting Covenant
The Glad Tidings (1900)
The Glad Tidings

Waggoner on Romans

E. J. Waggoner & A. T. Jones
Lessons on Faith (1890)

Ellen G. White
Faith and Works
Steps to Christ
You can be a Over-comer

Gerald J. Finneman

Christ in the Psalms: His Passion for Humanity – This book will appeal especially to those who have suffered intense mental anguish, even mental breakdown. Those who have experienced emotional brokenness can understand more fully the mental torment that Jesus went through as He was “made to be sin for us” than those who have not experienced such trauma.
The Crucifixion to Christ and its Opposition

Margaret Davis
What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life

Robert J. Wieland
10 Great Gospel Truths
1888 for Almost Dummies
What is 1888 Message and Why it is so Important

Ron Duffield
Return of the Latter Rain
Return of the Latter Rain Audio Book, ( 775MB RAR)