Free Pamphlets and Tracts

St Patrick Pamphlet

The following links are pamphlets that Righteousness is Love Ministries have developed for distribution during St Patrick’s day (17th of March) or before. Fill free to download, edit and print for yourself;

St Patrick’s Pamphlet PDF


The Great Controversy

The following pamphlet has been developed by Righteousness is Love Ministries. It is to promote a free copy of The Great Controversy which is available on the website, link here.

This is for evangelistic purposes only and if you want the Great Controversy personally please refer to our store. Only one book is available for each address but please feel free to contact us if you need more.

The Great Controversy Pamphlet – Colour


The Great Controversy Colour - FrontBack

The Great Controversy Colour - Back

The Great Controversy Pamphlet – Plain

The Great Controversy - Back
The Great Controversy – Front
The Great Controversy - Front
The Great Controversy – Back


Glow Tracts

The following tracts are available from Glow Online. These are great tracts, small and compact which you can pass around or pull out of your pocket when the right topic comes up. You can print yourselves or purchase from their website or affiliates.

Sample – An Intelligent Faith