Daniel and Revelation – With Comments and Illustrations

"I have been instructed that the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation should be printed in small books, with the necessary explanations, and should be sent all over the world." CH 520 "The books of Daniel and the Revelation should be bound together and published. A few explanations of certain portions might be added, but I am not sure that these would be needed." PM 98 Since the Bible is its own interpreter, a prayerful study of Bible prophecy would cut the knot of difficulty for concerned Christians who desire to understand Gods word. Prophecy is history foretold. In the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation we find the past history of this world clearly presented, as well as the future. Sacred history will repeat itself as we draw nearer to the end of this present world. By carefully studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, we will be able to understand what is soon to burst upon us as an overwhelming surprise.

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