Newsletter No. 2 – The Return of A.T. Jones

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Dear Friends in Christ,

I hope you are well and safe especially after the start of the change in the calender year. We pray that the truth in the following article will bring us closer in our walk with the Lord and hasten His coming.

The Return of A.T. Jones.

I think most of you are wondering why we would use ‘The Return of A.T. Jones’ for the title. Why one would take a name of a historic and faithful preacher of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who preached the 1888 message and mix it with the entertainment industry’s most infamous movie called Starwars; The Return of the Jedi.

The 1888 message had left the church in a decision whether to choose Christ our Righteousness, which “is the third angel’s message in verity” (1SM 372) or to continue down the path of self-righteousness. It is no doubt, had the church chosen the former (Christ our Righteousness) we would not be here today as the character of Christ would be fully represented in Gods people in receiving this message (Rev 18:1). In stark contrast and in opposition to the 1888 message stands the entertainment industry, which Satan has been using as a tool to destroy the moral foundation of many nations as well as the faith of many faithful believers.

A few weeks ago something amazing had happened, in fact, what we believe is a miracle that has put a wound to this horrible industry. There is a TV sitcom show on the prime time television, an utmost disrespectful show that promotes adultery, sexual lust, lying, drinking, covetousness, and jokes, many times about Christianity, a show that no Adventist or Christian should watch (but unfortunately many do) called Two and a Half Men. Not to go into too much detail but just to explain a little bit to save you the trouble of seeing this horrible show; the show is about 2 men (originally 2 brothers) who raised up an 8 year old (when the show started) child named Jake. One of the men the father, is a weak stature of a man, divorced and a bad example for any man especially a godly man. The other man, the brother (until a year ago), is a sick perverted man, bringing home different women each night, constantly drinking and joking about the rudest things. But the main focus of this article is on Jake also known as Angus T. Jones or shall I say A.T. Jones. Angus started his part in the show in 2003 aged 10, and now having turned 19, he has spoken out against the show and the Entertainment Industry in a 30 min interview/testimony. This testimony of Angus T Jones has gone viral, with the second half having reached over 2.3 million lost souls. These lost souls heard the truth not only about how ‘filthy’ the show is, but many of the truths that the Seventh Day Adventist Church teaches, especially the Sabbath. I pray that you will take your time to watch the testimony in the links below;

Part 1:

Part 2:

Over the last one hundred years, the devil has been using this entertainment industry to destroy moral lives but now God has an arsenal built up (which of course Satan attacks every day and is in need of our prayers). Over the past 4 and a bit years Svetlana and I have seen God building up faithful preachers and ministries standing up and speaking for the truth. Teaching their listeners how Satan has spread his tricks in the entertainment industry. Here are some of them:

  • – Brain Neumann, though unfortunately fallen from grace, he has provided us an amazing insight on the impact of ungodly music, like ‘Contemporary Christian Music’, on our minds and ultimately on our faith – Voices of a Dying Planet.
  • – We also think of Derrol Sawyer, one who has a similar series (not online yet) but also has provided some beautiful music for us to safely listen to;
  • – Christian Berdhal also has an amazing testimony. Coming from an entertainment background He shares his understanding of the music industry;
  • – Ivor Myers is another insightful preacher, popular with the youth and one with another powerful testimony and insights of the music industry;
  • – Little Light Ministry, a group of friends who show in documentary style seminars the tricks of Hollywood by exposing the gnostic teaching of many movies, cartoons, comic books and computer games, where many are misled into thinking that Christ’s character is as Satan’s and Satan’s – as Christ’s;

And now we have Angus T. Jones. Though young, he has shown all of us how to stand for the truth – a stand that will undoubtedly have him losing out on a $350,000 per show salary, while not many of us are willing to give up a job, a few extra dollars and/or the comforts of friends and/or family for the truth.

Please pray for Angus in this tough time and pray that he will make the right decision for his future with the show and acting.

We have shared with you a number of resources and we pray that when we hear some new truth regarding music, TV and computer games, we will receive it with a humble heart and let the Lord work in us the change of taste and habits. In these last days of the Anti-Typical Day of Atonement we desire all to be ready to stand firm for the truth though the heavens fall.

Take care & God Bless,

Righteousness is Love Ministries

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6.

Righteousness is holiness, likeness to God, and “God is love.” 1 John 4:16. It is conformity to the law of God, for “all Thy commandments are righteousness” (Psalm 119:172), and “love is the fulfilling of the law” (Romans 13:10). Righteousness is love, and love is the light and the life of God. The righteousness of God is embodied in Christ. We receive righteousness by receiving Him. {MB 18.1}

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