Cholesterol, Good or Bad?

Health MessageAs Bible-believing Christians there is no doubt we should be sharing the message of health, not so that we can live longer, look better or feel better, these are just bonuses, but we share the Health Message so that we can communicate with God more clearly.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can go to the extremes and even use bad science just to prove a diet that we believe is the ‘Eden Diet’. The fact is we are not living in the Garden of Eden, so we can’t say we should only use the same diet as stated in Genesis 1:29. Something was totally different back then – people was supposed to live for eternity, but now we just live in a junkyard compared to the Garden of Eden. Because we live in a junkyard we need to supplement things that our bodies cannot build on their own, this is why God ‘allowed’ Noah to start eating meat in Genesis 9:3. We must state now that we at Righteousness is Love Ministries do not condone eating meats, quite the opposite, we believe that meat, particularly red meat, should be off the table, as well as unclean meats. It is clear that the principle of unclean meats applies today, neither was it removed when Peter had his dream with the blanket of unclean animals in Acts 10. But we are concerned that some are promoting extremes in diet totally based on inaccurate science and therefore misleading our listeners and bringing the Health Message into jeopardy. As a result, people are removing important ingredients off their dinner table and replace them with something that could be more lethal.

The videos below, presented by Catalyst, an Australian program, raises the question: Is the role of cholesterol in heart disease really one of the biggest myths in the history of medicine? For the last four decades we’ve been told that saturated fat clogs our arteries and high cholesterol causes heart disease. It has spawned a multi-billion dollar drug and food industry of “cholesterol free” products promising to lower our cholesterol and decrease our risk of heart disease.

I think we need to be looking at what science we use to teach the health message. So many of us are teaching that we should be removing ‘HEALTHY’ milk and eggs off our tables, unfortunately these healthy foods hold so many essential vitamins, minerals and fats that our body cannot produce enough of, for example vitamin B-12, Vitamin D and healthy fats. Yes the food source needs to be healthy, and it will be harder and to get them as we close the end of time, but we cannot put our bodies through a time of trouble beforehand.

Heart of the Matter Part 1 – Dietary Villains

As a result of this bad science, people are wrongfully getting scared of cholesterol and seek sources that promise to lower cholesterol despite the extreme side effects. Part 2 of the Catalyst series looking at cholesterol explains how we’ve been told that medications to lower cholesterol can save lives. And now over 40 million worldwide take drugs to lower their cholesterol. But what if the majority of these patients won’t benefit from taking these pills? And, what if drug companies are distorting the data to make cholesterol lowering medications seem more effective than they are? Dr Maryanne Demasi puts the billion dollar drug industry under the microscope, and asks who really benefits from taking cholesterol lowering medication?

Heart of the Matter Part 2 – Cholesterol Drug War

The following is a great, video that explains the bad science behind ‘Cholesterol causing Heart Disease’ theory. Again we don’t condone red meat eating but want to emphasis the importance of fat and Cholesterol in the diet:

Fathead on Cholesterol

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