Candida Fungus

Candida Fungi
Candida Fungi

Doctors have been misdiagnosing diseases for a long time now, some of the most misdiagnosed are Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac disease and so on, Could Cancer (malignant Neoplasm) be another of those misdiagnoses? Could this disease, that has caused so much heart break  and death for so many people, just be caused by a simple fungi infection? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

 Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yeasts that belong to the genus Candida. There are over 20 species of Candida yeasts that can cause infection in humans, the most common of which is Candida albicansCandida yeasts normally live on the skin and mucous membranes without causing infection; however, overgrowth of these organisms can cause symptoms to develop. Symptoms of candidiasis vary depending on the area of the body that is infected.


Having fungi or yeast is not a big problem for your body, in fact the bacteria and probiotics in the digestive tract as well as your immune system will look after and deal with overgrowth of the fungi. The problem happens when the digestive tract becomes ‘out of balance’ and an out-of-balanced digestive tract could be a perfect breading ground for fungi and viruses to grow. So what are the best conditions for fungi to grow? According to the following factors all increase the growth of of fungi in the body, of course this is just a few:

How do you get candida overgrowth?
Causes of Candida
Causes of Candida Fungi

The healthy bacteria in your gut typically keep your candida levels in check. However, several factors can cause the candida population to get out of hand:

– Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar (which feed the yeast)
– Consuming a lot of alcohol
– Taking oral contraceptives
– Living a high-stress lifestyle
– Taking a round of antibiotics that killed too many of those friendly bacteria

So, where do the similarities lie? Doug Kaufmann a former U.S. Navy Medical Corpsman and the main presenter of ‘Know the Cause’ explains, in the following video, the similarities between Fungi and Cancer and the conditions in which they grow:

Similarities between Fungus and Cancer:

  1. Both can metabolize nutrients in the absence of oxygen (anaerobically)
  2. Both must have sugar in order to thrive
  3. Both die in the absence of sugar
  4. Both produce corrosive lactic acid
  5. Both respond to anti-fungal medicines

Is it Fungus or is it Cancer? Doug Kaufmann – Know The Cause

Some of the documentation on this video and other documents related to Candida Fungi can be found here.

This makes sense when you continue with the pages on the potential causes and cures of cancer, where you will find most of them deal with creating an oxygen rich environment as well as reducing the source of refined sugars, which both can create a toxic situation for cancer/fungi to grow.

Metastatic liver disease

Dr. Simoncini is a Roman doctor specializing in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders, is one successful doctor who is treating cancer as a fungus. He discovered that there were a lot of similarities between cancer and fungi, he particularly saw that all cancers are white, with some stained in blood. The photo below shows a liver that is ridden of cancer, coloured white.

He also discovered that cancer attacks the human body similarly to the fungi attacking the ant, as seen in the video below.

More about Dr Tullio Simoncini and his treatment can be found in Potential Cures – Baking Soda.

Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi – Planet Earth Attenborough BBC

On an addition note, it is interesting that the Bible has been warning the people of Israel to remove fungi from their presence for over 3500 years.

Leviticus 13:50-52 The priest is to examine the mildew (fungi) and isolate the affected article for seven days. On the seventh day he is to examine it, and if the mildew has spread in the clothing, or the woven or knitted material, or the leather, whatever its use, it is a destructive mildew; the article is unclean. He must burn up the clothing, or the woven or knitted material of wool or linen, or any leather article that has the contamination in it, because the mildew is destructive; the article must be burned up. (New International Version)

God realizes that mildew or fungi can be destructive and must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. More about infectious diseases, leprosy, rashes, mildew, fungus and mold in the Bible can be read in Leviticus 13 & 14.The King James and older versions of the Bible translate the Hebrew word tsara’ath and the Greek word lepra as “leprosy” which is too narrow a translation to present the true content of the applicable Bible verses as shown below.

The accurate translation of  the words tsara’ath and lepra actually include a wide variety of diseases that cause sores or eruptions on the skin, of which leprosy is only one.  The Hebrew word tsara’ath is used as mildew on clothing in Leviticus 13:47-59 and mildew/fungus/mold in houses in Leviticus 14:33-54, with the New International Version of the Bible the most accurate in translation of the words broader meanings.


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