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Cancer CellAs the author of this article and links, we in no way claim that we are doctors and can give medical advice or claim that these treatments can cure all cancers and diseases. Our intention for this section of the website is to inform and educate people that there are ‘alternative’ or ‘complimentary’ treatments that we haven’t been told about by our mainstream or pharmaceutical doctors. In saying all this, everything that has been placed on the site has been viewed by a medical practitioner and one who has changed her mind about mainstream medicine.

Our understanding is that in the times just before Christ returns lawlessness shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold (Matthew 24:12), and we particularly see this in the medical & pharmaceutical field. Because of corporatism (fascism), socialized medicine, greed and the love of money we have seen the medical field seeking ‘profits’ at the expense of people’s health. Though we are not against profit making, we are against money making without ethics and enforcement of just laws.

Unfortunately, and particularly in America, we see the opposite, we see the companies of medical products ‘getting in bed’ with politicians and with their Lobbyists to push products through the legal process even though the companies are well aware of the adverse health effects of the drugs. A known example of this is the Bayer Company who knew that one of their products was infected with the HIV virus but intentionally sold it, first to America, then to Europe and Asia. Please follow the following link to view a video of this event.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Exposed for Knowingly Distributing AIDS Tainted Medication

The Catholic Inquisition
The Catholic Inquisition

During the Dark Ages of the world history people were kept ‘in the dark’ by church and state, which enforced the limitation of the Bible and the rise of superstition. This rise of superstition and church and state combination led to the murder of over 50 million men, women and children for their belief and practices in Biblical Christianity and medicinal remedies. This triggered a period of darkness where there was no growth in the knowledge of science and health and it wasn’t until the 1800’s that light had finally shined on these fields. Having gone through a period of darkness for 1,260 years, the original medical treatments would have been lost, which means that the western medical field has had the worst start possible. Thankfully, due to the Internet coverage these treatments are slowly but surely coming back into our attention. Unfortunately, this period in world’s history called the Dark Ages is a type of what is happening in the world today. We are getting back to the times where the ideas that are contrary to the state or the ‘religious beliefs’ of mainstream medicine are mocked and condemned. It is important that we should investigate all ideas for all treatments before we can make an informed decision to choose a life-saving and not a life- threatening treatment. Hence the reason for this research.

We also must say that not every video, article, book or web-link represent all our beliefs, but they do give a wealth of information helping the reader to make informed decisions, which the doctors won’t provide.

The following links are resources for you on the topic of cancer. Anything written has been signed off by a medical practitioner.

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