Health Research

Health and WellnessAnother part of our message at Righteousness is Love Ministries is about health. Why health? Because what we eat matters, and what matters the most is that what we eat affects the brain, which is our source of communication with God and helps us to search for truth.

When Jesus walked this earth he did not heal for the sake of healing. He did not heal just for showing off God the Father’s power, so that people will follow Him, but He healed the sick, so they can hear His message, the message of Love, truth, forgiveness and overcoming. When we are sick, the last thing we do is think about others, it is all about us, in fact the last thing we want to do is think about anything, our brain is too busy trying to repair the body that, if truth was right there in front of you, it will be so hard to see it. This is why we want to share this page, for people to start healing, both physically and mentally, so that we can all hear the wonderful truth of the 3 Angels’ Messages.

The following are the links to aspects of health that are important to all of us, and our fellowship with our Creator.

Cancer Research
Cholesterol, Good or Bad?