Heal + Inspire = Revive – Free Health Seminar

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Heal Inspire ReviveThis Thursday to Sunday Limerick, Ireland will be hosting a great event on health. Heal + Inspire = Revive – Free Health Seminar is presented by Dr. Mouroutis and it couldn’t come at a better time. When New Years resolutions have failed just barely after making them, when we are all feeling sick from the over consumption of junk food and the ever increasing disease and stress rates, it is good to know that there is resource out there to help take control of ones life. Dr Mouroutis, a well qualified presenter, will present amazing techniques and methods of healing the body in natural ways, at a deep cellular level and and how the genetic information in DNA can be changed for the better. You will be inspired by the most recent research, presented in a simple and practical way that will empower you and your loved ones for lasting change.

We will be delighted to see you there and please bring your friends, family and neighbours with you. This event is for everyone and for all ages.

Day 1 – Thursday, 7th January, 7:30pm – Epigenetics & Healing for the 21st Century

Day 2 – Friday, 8th January, 4:00pm – How to Conquer Diabetes & 7:00pm – Protect your Heart from Attack

Day 3 – Saturday, 9th January, 4:00pm – Obesity & Faith Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease & 7:00pm – Stress Without Distress: Depression the Way Out

Day 4 – Sunday, 10th January, 11:00am – The Gospel of Cancer, 4:00pm – Theo-Biology of Forgiveness & 7pm – Optimizing Brain: Undernourished & Overfed?

Held at: Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Castletroy, County Limerick.

Heal + Inspire = Revive Poster