God and the Brain

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Feet CrossWe recently saw this seminar the other day and we loved every part of it.

The Bible states by beholding we become changed, particularly by beholding the glory of God we are changed from glory to glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18. This seminar, particularly part 2, explains how by beholding an angry God, it can negatively change you and how you treat others, but by beholding a loving God, the true God of the Bible, you will become changed into His loving Character.

Dr Timothy Jennings, a board certified psychiatrist, has a great insight in this area of depression recovery in the light of present truth and reveals some great understanding that  the church, and the world needs to know.

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 God And Your Brain – Session 1: The God-Shaped Brain

Not all ideas in this videos can be supported by this ministry but we believe that it will benefit more than harm, particularly we believe the overall message is truth we need to hear today.