Are Preachers Starving the Faithful?

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ear-tickling-cartoonAre preachers preaching sermons that tickle the ear? Who please the majority? If they are, they are preaching a false gospel and one that is causing the faithful followers of Christ to starve. The following short interview is an old one but is one of our favourites. Paul Washer is a very inspirational speaker though some of his doctrines aren’t quite there but his passion and his attack on the false doctrine of ‘once saved, always saved’ is inspiring.

Paul Washer – Preacher Starving the Faithfuls

If you haven’t seen it by now, the following is the famous ‘Shocking Youth Message’ by Paul Washer. As stated above some of his doctrines haven’t been developed yet, for example: Sabbath worship & state of the dead, but it is still a worth while listen.

The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)

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